Gender & Sexuality: Clarity in an Age of Confusion

True Woman '22 Preconference

* The preconference will only be in English. No live translation will be available.

Like a tidal wave, the modern sexual revolution has left many Christians feeling overwhelmed and disoriented. The biblical framework for gender and sexuality has been labeled harmful and dangerous, making it a challenge to know how to interact on these issues.

In this preconference event, featuring Dr. Juli Slattery, Dr. Rosaria Butterfield (via Livestream), Laura Perry, Mary Kassian, and Dannah Gresh, explore answers to critical questions like:

  • Why do gender and sexuality matter?
  • How does the gospel shape our understanding of these issues?
  • What does a God-honoring perspective look like in our own lives and marriages?
  • How can you engage with those who don’t accept the authority of God’s Word?

Let God’s Word mold your thinking about gender and sexuality and discover how to experience God’s blessing by celebrating, living out, and sharing His good plan in this vital area.


Thursday, September 22

1:00 – 4:30 p.m.


Gender & Sexuality: Clarity in an Age of Confusion